Maryland Youth Transition Plan

What is the Maryland Youth Transitional Plan?

The Maryland Youth Transitional Plan (MD YTP) is a tool created by the Maryland Department of Human Services, used to assist youth in creating a series of steps that will result in the smoothest transition from out-of-home placement to adulthood. By using the plan, youth can organize their thoughts and physically see what goals need to be met to guarantee an effective transition for life events such as: completing school, working in a meaningful career, saving money, safe and stable housing, mental health care, and maintaining relationships. The Maryland Youth Transitional Plan also provides your social worker with background information about you so that they can better assist you in the transition you feel is appropriate.

Don’t know how to start your Maryland Youth Transitional Plan? Use the Ready By 21 Benchmarks as a guide to show you possible life events you would like to include in your plan. Click Here to Complete Your Maryland Youth Transitional Plan.

An Overview of Maryland’s Youth Transition Planning